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In a shocking turn of events, Gus realises that he’s not so much going stir crazy, but just getting bored. He’s begun to consider getting a job, but he’s not sure what he can do any more. Labour’s out of the question, unless he wants to die of an asthma attack, and he can’t even go back to tech support until he figures out the tricky business of hand-eye coordination.

He’s resorted to just walking around Manhattan in the evenings, for nothing else but to just keep busy. He’s still got enough of the money Penelope had given him to keep him from getting desperate enough to start looking up old “friends.” At least enough to keep him under the radar for a year or two, anyway.

He leaves his cane at home, even though he always needs it by the time he gets home. But a man’s got his dignity, and he’s learning to tell when he’s over-working himself before he even gets to that point. But it’s cold tonight, and what’s usually just an annoyance that he can ignore is beginning to send searing pain from his knee to his hip.

What he needs is to get off his feet, and in Manhattan at night? Only an idiot would even think about sitting down on the sidewalk, and going into a deli would mean that he’d have to buy something. His building is just up ahead, and he can see it, so he grits his teeth and makes his way to the front door quickly as possible. It’s only a brief struggle with the key before he’s in, and turning to the door to his left.


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