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Gus Dickinson

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Name:Gus Dickinson
Birthdate:Jan 22
Gus’ circumstances in the bar are rather unique. In early 2006 (on his timeline), he and two accomplices set out to blackmail a reverend for $200,000 (this eventually turned into $2 million). Nothing in the plan went, well, according to plan, and Gus found himself at the wrong end of a 9mm semi-automatic, which is how he found his way to Milliways.

Gus is kind of a jerk, but a very friendly jerk. He keeps saying that he's done with scheming and the criminal lifestyle, but some old habits are really hard to kick. While you don't have to make sure your wallet is still safe after talking to him (usually), you may want to make sure that your bank account is still in one piece. For the most part, he does keep his tendencies out of Milliways, because he tends to wind up in the cells when he tries to cheat other patrons.

He lies, he steals, and he's not above cheating a toddler at a card game. But if you manage to get on his good side, you're almost guaranteed to be exempt from his schemes.

If you ask him really nicely, he might even tell you his real name.

For more information please see this post. For other pups played by the same mun, go here.

Gus' timeline on Milliways.

Gus Dickinson, as portrayed by Simon Pegg, is from Big Nothing, and is the intellectual property of Pathé and Jean-Baptiste Andrea. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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